All About Mount Merapi Yogyakarta

Morning is the best time to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Mount Merapi before the mist falls enveloping the beauty of the mountain. At around 07.00 am you should have started to go to Kaliadem, a cool area located at the foot of Mount Merapi, about 35 km north of the city of Yogyakarta is a suitable place to see the beauty of Mount Merapi. The location is not far from the city of Jogja make the tour of Mount Merapi as an alternative to the adrenaline tour.

Mount Merapi Yogyakarta
Mount Merapi Yogyakarta (Source: Flickr.com)
The beauty of the charm of Merapi Mountain is undeniable that collide with the mystery and tragedy that surrounds the mountain. So much to be an option for outdoor sports enthusiasts to make Merapi as an alternative mountain tourist destination. If the weather is not foggy we can see clearly the mountain is towering and dashing from the four surrounding cities, Sleman, Magelang, Klaten, and Boyolali. The fresh air is soothing and the warm hospitality of the residents is part of the beauty of Mount Merapi.

Mount Merapi Eruption

After the big eruption in 2010, there are some that changed in this place, which actually adds to the charm of the beauty of Mount Merapi. The villages 4 to 6 km from the peak of Merapi are uninhabitable. Instead of many temporary shelters are designated for refugees who lost their homes. You will see also that some bridges are still cut off due to cold lava or hot clouds.

The former eruption area in 2010 is now being used by local people to be used as tourist attractions trekking volcano. Tourists can trace the eruption occurred in the past, including visiting the former home of Mbah Maridjan, a legendary figure of the caretaker. In Desa Kepuharjo and Kinahrejo Village, it is now utilized and managed by local people for volcano trekking tourism area.

T-shirts that read the names of the two villages adorn the people who manage the two areas. The 2010 eruption left traces in the two areas. The area is heavily buried volcanic material and hit by cold lava occurred in the Village Kepuhrejo so that local residents will be difficult to recognize the limits of where they used to live. Meanwhile, the area that many hot clouds hit by in the village of Kinahrejo, which if we see the condition is now still visible residual debris of former residents settlements.

Shoots from the remnants of muddy and burnt remains began to form new plants in both villages. If you are tired of walking down the area then you can also use ojek service to continue your journey. Some residents in addition to work to rent ojekservices, there are also selling a variety of souvenirs, food, and beverages, Mbah Maridjan shirts including selling video footage of eruption of Mount Merapi in 2010. To obtain information relating to Mount Merapi in place is already available information center that is ready to help you.

With its own eyes and head, tourists can see the greatness of the eruption of the mountain by looking at the impact he left behind in that place. Near the former house MbahMaridjan which is now built semi-permanent attached photographs to commemorate the big eruption event in 2010. The placewas installed photos of Maridjan house and neighborhood before and after the eruption.

 Once you are tired of traveling,  it is time to rest while enjoying Jadah Tempe, wedang gedhangand Pecel rice and some typical food areas of the slopes of Merapi.

For those of you who want to climb Mount Merapi, then you should get the latest information that the status of the mountain is in normal circumstances. After the big eruption in 2010, the route is relatively easier to climb the path Selo Boyolali. To go to Selo Boyolali you can go through the Magelang regency tourist direction to KetepMagelang. Merapi volcano tourism Make an experience that cannot be forgotten if you can observe the beauty of incandescent lava from the mountain that will be its own inspiration for yo.

To walk along the slopes and backs of the mountain it takes about 5 hours and it is better to climb at dawn so that you can see the charming scenery when the sun to begin to illuminate the mountain full of this legend.


Mount Merapi is located in the middle of Java island which occupies several areas such as:

• The southern slope is included in the Sleman District of Yogyakarta

Westside slope is included in Magelang regency

• The northern and eastern slopes fall within Boyolali District

• Southeast slopes enter into Klaten area

How To Get To Mount Merapi

To get to Mount Merapi many paths that we can choose.

• First line: Through Kinahrejo Village which is 2 km east of Kaliurang. From Kinahrejo to the peak of Merapi is 9 km within 10 hours with a fairly steep terrain.

• Second line: Through Selo area of ​​Boyolali district located between Mount Merapi and Mount Merbabu. From Yogyakarta by bus to Kartosuro then go to Boyolali and finally to Selo.

The previous hiking route is onthe north side of Selo in Tlogolele Boyolali village. The village is located between Mount Merapi and Merbabu mountain. Climbing from Selo takes 5 hours to peak. Another route that can be reached through the west side is from Sawangan Magelang and through the southeast side of the direction of Deles, Kemalang Klaten.

After the 2010 big eruption,the climbing route was diverted through the hill of Pronojiwo Kaliurang Pakem Sub-district of Sleman Regency. To pass this path takes about 7 hours to get to the top with a fairly steep road.


Facilities that support tourism are widely available in the area of ​​Kaliurang which is the slopes of Mount Merapi that offers beautiful scenery with fresh air cooling.

In the area of ​​Kaliurang campsites are often used for the activities of students and scouts and there is a natural cross-route that is often used to explore the natural beauty up close.

Hospitality facilities such as villas and bungalows are also available in this place. In this area is often used to hold events - events such as conferences, seminars, meetings, workshops, upgrading,and others.

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