Indonesia Facts

Indonesia Facts - Indonesia is a very unique destination located in South east region. The country is famous throughout the world for its islands and beautiful landscapes. We have provided below useful facts on Indonesia that will help you in knowing more about its culture, religion, location, transport and population. Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia.
Indonesia Facts

Indonesia Facts
Capital City:
Jakarta (+7 GMT)
Chief of State:
President Joko Widodo
Indonesian Rupiah
Major Languages:
Bahasa Indonesia, English, Dutch, Javanese, and other local dialects.
Primary Religions:
Muslim, Protestant, Roman Catholic, Hindu, Buddhist.
Main Airports:
Bali: Denpasar (DPS) (Ngurah Rai),
Java: Jakarta (CGK) (Soekarno-Hatta)
Indonesia Coastline:
54,720 km
The population of Indonesia was estimated at 261.1 M (2016)
Famous Tourist Attractions:
Bali, Ubud, Jakarta, North Sulawesi and Kalimantan.
Best Time to Visit:
Between May to September.
Weather and Climate:
The climate is hot and humid year-round in coastal areas. The dry season from June to October, and the rainy season starts from November ends in March.
Islands in Indonesia:
There are total 17,508 islands in Indonesia. Out of these five are large islands and rest are small in size.
Kalimantan (539,450 sq.km);
Sumatra (473,606 sq.km),
Papua (421,952 sq.km),
Sulawesi (189,035 sq.km) and
Java including Madura (132,035 sq.km).

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