Braga Street Bandung Indonesia

Braga Street Bandung is the most established boulevards in the city of Bandung. Previously, the road was called Pedati Street, here there are numerous relics of the age of the Netherlands. Braga Road Bandung is one of the boulevards in the city of Bandung which is extremely well known. The Cultural conservation area is indeed unique. There are many of the buildings along the way that offer excellent impression. European architectural style which makes Braga is similar to the atmosphere in Europe. Braga Street Bandung has become prestigious since the age of the Netherlands. 

Braga Street Bandung also filled a variety of shopping and entertainment venues of the prestigious. The Braga Street Bandung sights-plan One Stop Holiday in Central Bandung. This street is the center of the crowd and the main business in Bandung city since the time of the occupation of the Netherlands in Indonesia. Braga Street Bandung has as of now as the boulevards of priority in Bandung as a sign on the major street from the bearing of The Building Asian-African Conference (Societeit Concordia).
Braga Street Bandung
Braga Street Bandung West Java(source Flickr.com)

History of Braga Street Bandung

The word is said to derive from the Braga Sundanese language, Ngabaraga, which means style. We are indeed still can see the stately buildings and the art deco-style along the way. The development of this street there is still connected with the development of streets Panarukan to Anyer educated by Governor- general Daendels in 1808-1811.The building was called Pedawiteg until the year 1882. The road ten meters in width, this is a way of connecting from Groote Postweg, Jalan Asia-Afrika, with Koffie Pakhuis, belongs to Andries de Wilde is now the Town Hall. In 1882, the Assistant resident of Bandung, Pieter Sitjhoff, named the road becomes Bragaweg. Also, all the way wears an oil lamp to illuminate the way. Supposedly, the name of Braga was familiar since the year 1810, but Braga was officially used in 1882.

One trigger for the development of Bragaweg was a grocery store named De Vries. This shop sold a variety of daily necessities and visited the Netherlands farmers who have gardens to the North of Bandung. The crowd, along with the Asia-Africa of course, makes a lot of other buildings in the vicinity of the establishment, such as hotels, banks, cinemas, and restaurants.

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The growth of these buildings makes Bragaweg known throughout the Netherlands East Indies. Many elites, both from the Netherlands, China, or Native-style and hang out at Bragaweg. In 1900 the road was paved and started getting crowded. In 1906 created regulations that building stores all Braga must meet the standard that has been set.

Braga was increasingly elite in the 1920s-1930s. Stores in the area sell only luxury goods. The Mayor of Bandung B. Coops at that time wanted Braga became an elite shopping center, European-style. The beauty of Bandung at that point to make the citizens of Europe the Netherlands East Indies dub the city as Parijs van Java. Bandung indeed became the seat of Government, the arts, entertainment, economy, and intellectuals at the time. These European-style amenities are indeed aimed so that the citizens of Europe in Bandung can maintain his lifestyle. Because of that style of house building, offices, entertainment venues, and the food menu is adapted to European culture. The Braga Street also became the center of shopping goods from Europe.

Traces of grandeur that is still visible today. We still find many beautiful old buildings along the road. Also, a variety of shops there is also still selling luxury goods. Many are also means of entertainment are still crowded, like pubs, malls, eateries, and a painting Gallery along this road. A modern hotel also has stood in the way of Braga. With beauty and history, owned then Braga remains the Central tourist destination in Bandung.

Things to do in Braga Bandung

To enjoy the charm of Bandung Braga Street is within walking distance. The atmosphere of the classical style can still be found only in the more modern buildings. The road is still the center of fashion in the presence of some shopping attractions. One of them is Braga City Walk who became a center of purchase in the Braga Street Bandung. As a center of investment that is quite popular, Braga City Walk is equipped with Cinema XXI, food court and also the hotel. Around Braga City Walk alone there are many ancient buildings are often used as background images, in particular for those who come to Bandung and want to capture the critical moments.
Street Painting Braga Street
Stree Painting of Braga Bandung West Java

Not only in Braga City Walk you can find culinary but also along the road of Braga. On this street, there are some food stores even dating back to the 1900s, which one is the Sumber Hidangan Bakery that sells bread ala Netherlands. At Braga street Bandung surrounding many paintings sellers that you can buy for the souvenir.

During the evening the atmosphere around the Braga getting swarmed. The excellence of the road likewise shows up from the city lights that add to the mood of the legacy out and about.Some festivals are also often held in Braga Street, as Braga Festival and most recently the Braga Culinary Night held every Sunday and has been following the year 2014. With the Braga Culinary Night, Govt. of Bandung city, trying to restore the excitement of a road of Braga. During the festival takes place along the Road will be closed to Braga 500 meters from the evening until the night.

At Braga street Bandung surrounding you can visit the tourist sites that are not less Interestingly, due to a short walk, you can reach it while enjoying the city of Bandung. Around Braga Street, there are additionally other fascinating spots to visit, for example, Gedung Merdeka in Bandung, The Bandung square, the large mosque of Bandung, and other intriguing spots.

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